About the Foundation

The Girard Foundation is a private, grant-making foundation established in 1986. Our mission is to foster innovation and systemic change in K-12 education, with the goal of improving student outcomes in San Diego County.

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The Foundation is particularly interested in projects/programs that:

  • are designed around concepts that are transferable and/or scalable
  • demonstrate new, more effective methods of preparing students for success
  • improve the ways schools operate
  • produce data that can lead to change

The Foundation makes grants that provide funding for: program development, start-up costs, capacity building, research, professional forums, and efforts to engage the public on education issues. In certain cases, the Foundation may provide general operating support.

The Foundation does not fund:

  • Endowments
  • Capital campaigns
  • Political campaigns or lobbying efforts
  • Direct grants or scholarships to individuals

Several of the Foundation’s larger investments have been initiatives developed in collaboration with entrepreneurial educational organizations. The Foundation has worked with a variety of partners including charter school organizations, school districts, universities and non-profits. For a brief history of major projects funded by the Girard Foundation please click here.