How to Apply

The first step in submitting a proposal is to contact the Foundation to determine if your project is aligned with the Foundation’s mission and current funding priorities. If your project is a good fit, you will be encouraged to meet with Foundation staff to discuss your project, set up a visit, and submit a formal proposal. While there is no standard format, you should expect to submit a succinct proposal that includes:

Introduction A brief summary of your project, its purpose and the dollar amount you are requesting from Girard Foundation.
Background Rationale for the proposed project — e.g., the need you are addressing and evidence of your organization’s capacity to fill that need
Method Description of project implementation including timeline, project leaders, and plans for sustainability and/or replication
Evaluation Metrics you will use to measure the project’s outcomes and plans for evaluating the program’s impact
Budget Total budget for the organization and for the proposed project, details on how a Girard Foundation grant would be spent, and information about other funding or in-kind support