California Partnership for Achieving Student Success (CalPASS)

CalPASS works with statewide network of over 6,500 districts, colleges and universities to compile and analyze longitudinal student data with the goal of improving K-16 outcomes. The Girard Foundation has provided funding for a variety of CalPASS projects over the years.  Girard grants helped expand CalPASS membership locally, brought together teachers from K-12 and higher education to jointly develop strategies for improving instruction and alignment of curricula and led to the publication of new curricula in math and English.

Elementary School Technology Initiative

Girard Foundation created ESTI in 1995 to help five local schools more effectively integrate technology into their curricula. A key to the program’s success was the use of two outside consultants who worked with the schools to develop their technology plans and train staff.

San Diego Teachers Fund

In 1996, the Girard Foundation helped establish the Teachers Fund at the San Diego Foundation.  The program provided small grants to elementary and middle school teachers, enabling them to purchase materials or carry out projects that they would otherwise have to pay for out of their own pockets.

Teacher Preparation Study

In 1999, Girard commissioned a study of local teacher preparation programs. The research firm, SourcePoint, surveyed a variety of stakeholders including recent graduates, education faculty, and district administrators.  Among other things, the results drew attention to the need for better student teaching experiences and for more training in classroom management and parent relations.

Teacher Recruitment Summit

The Girard Foundation was a major collaborator and funder on a two-day summit on teacher recruitment, hosted by the Cal-Teacher Recruitment and Incentive Program (Cal-TRIP).  Held in 2001, the Summit brought together over 150 education, government and business leaders to discuss solutions to the growing shortage of teachers.  Promising ideas were captured in “Explorations of Best Practices in Teacher Recruitment and Preparation,” a white paper that was widely distributed throughout the state.