2013 Grants

American Heritage Education Foundation

Support for the continued development and implementation of the “blended learning” model at Heritage Digital Academy, a charter middle school in Escondido.


Grant to provide funds to match individual donations for classroom projects in local charter schools.

Elementary Institute of Science

Ongoing support for summer and after-school programs that use hands-on learning to stimulate an appreciation and understanding of science and technology.

Girard Education Foundation

Funding for a separate, non-profit foundation managing the development of a free tool to personalize learning.


Ongoing support for the Intergenerational Tutoring Program that fosters positive attitudes towards reading and learning by pairing students with mature adults who act as mentors, tutors, and friends.

Oceanside High School

Ongoing support for Girard PREP, a program that provides a variety of supports designed to increase the number of students enrolling in college.

Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE)

Ongoing support for programs that train parents how to take a more active role in preparing their children for academic success

Summerbridge San Diego

Ongoing support for a summer academic camp for elementary and middle school students, taught by college students.

University of California-San Diego

Support for a career counseling initiative in which trained career counselors and advisors based at community agencies will provide young people interested in alternatives to traditional college attendance with the knowledge and connections they need to pursue career and vocational paths.

University of California-San Diego

Support for Thurgood Marshall College Provost Intern, who recruits and coordinates volunteer tutors at San Diego charter schools.


Ongoing support for after-school literacy and computer learning programs.